Yoga For Every Body

Yoga For Every Body

Regardless of age, mobility, or injury, everyone and everybody can practice Kaiut Yoga.
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Top 5 Reasons Why Kaiut Yoga is for Every Body

We've been told that yoga is beneficial for Every Body, yet modern yoga as we understand it doesn't always feel accessible to all. Modern yoga can often emphasize flexibility and athleticism, and leave many practitioners feeling excluded. Regardless of age, mobility, or injury, everyone and everybody can practice Kaiut Yoga.

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Kaiut Yoga is Simple

Kaiut Yoga uses simple and accessible shapes to achieve profound results. When simplicity produces effective results, complexity within a yoga practice is not a necessity.

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Gravity Is Used Intelligently

In Kaiut sequencing, we use gravity in specific ways to access the many structures and systems of the body. The Kaiut Method regularly uses the floor and the wall as to eliminate the challenging aspects of gravity or balance- and, to maximize the results of the shapes and sequencing.

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Every Position Can Be Modified

Whether you're recovering from an injury or feeling the effects of aging, traditional yoga poses can feel intimidating. In Kaiut Yoga, we modify positions so that the shape can work for every practitioner regardless of flexibility or injuries. The trained Kaiut teacher can adapt any shape, position or situation to a student's needs and abilities.

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Explore Function Not Form

In Kaiut Yoga, we're not concerned with forcing our body into any particular aesthetic shape. Kaiut Yoga places value on the function and effects each position has on the internal systems of the body. In particular, we look to apply and release pressure on the joints to increase circulation and increase mobility.

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Find Your Own Restriction

There's no sense to push past the bodies current limitations. At Kaiut Yoga Boulder, we encourage the student to feel their own system and identify what is happening on the inside of the body. Enabling us to explore the potential of the body and mind - and, dissolving the restrictions and blockages over time.

We invite you to come and experience the Kaiut Yoga Boulder difference. Checkout the new student enrollment process so that you can explore Kaiut Yoga and experience the practice for yourself.