What Is Kaiut Yoga?

What Is Kaiut Yoga?

The inspiration behind Kaiut Yoga is a system that
everyone can participate in no matter what age or level

Kaiut Yoga is a method of yoga that is available to anyone and everyone. To practice Kaiut Yoga, you don’t have to be flexible, young, or athletic. We work with all students regardless of:

  • age
  • mobility: from tight to hypermobile
  • experience
  • health history

Yoga Pra Todo Mundo- is a Portuguese phrase roughly translated as Yoga For Everyone. We believe that yoga is a tool that can be used by anyone- regardless of your circumstances- to increase mobility and freedom (mentally, physically, and emotionally).

Too often yoga in our western culture is focused on athletic poses and aesthetic shapes. At Kaiut Yoga Boulder, we help each one of our students find the proper functionality within each pose that works physiologically and emotionally for their system. You’ll be surprised to see how we handcraft each class on the spot for every single one of our students.

With the Kaiut Method, we work from your joints to help your body progress toward optimal function.  As the health of the joints improve, strength and circulation improve as well, helping your body/mind work in a more efficient and balanced way. When we focus on the joints (as opposed to stretching the muscles), you can work with the root blockages/causes behind your symptoms.

If you’re ready to start feeling better, then join us for a class. Come visit us at the Kaiut Yoga Boulder Meadows location or the Longmont location in the Colorado Sleep Institute Building.