Our Teachers

Our Teachers

Meet the Kaiut Yoga Boulder teachers.
Darvin - Our Teachers


Teacher / Owner

Darvin has built a life around his outdoor enthusiasm both as a mountain / desert guide and through his love of outdoor sports. Not surprisingly, backcountry skiing, mountaineering, trail-running, and cycling led to a variety of physical injuries. Eventually, injuries to the shoulders, knees, and ankles manifested as severe sciatic pain and lack of joint mobility. Additionally, decades as a traveling business consultant added even more stress to both his body and mind. Darvin began practicing the Kaiut Method in the fall of 2016 and immediately experienced profound results. Inspired to delve deeper into the method, Darvin jumped into a year long teacher training shortly after. Darvin is committed to deepening his own understanding of the practice with Francisco Kaiut and is grateful to share this method with the Boulder community.

Kristin Savory

Teacher / Owner

Kristin came to Kaiut yoga after experiencing back pain after the birth of her second child. Though manageable, her back pain prevented her from participating fully from activities she loved such as hiking, biking, and playing with her children. As an acupuncturist, Kristin explored a variety of alternative healing modalities to alleviate her pain. While she did find some relief through these modalities, nothing addressed the issue as thoroughly as Kaiut. As a student of Francisco Kaiut since 2012, she is consistently inspired by the positive results she sees with the Kaiut Yoga Method. Outside of the yoga studio, Kristin maintains a full acupuncture practice helping women balance their hormones and enjoys spending time with her favorite folks; her family.

Kristin - Our Teachers


Kaiut Yoga Teacher, MS, Certified Yoga Therapist C-IAYT, BCST, KYT-300

Michelle is a scientist, Kaiut Yoga instructor and yoga therapist, writer, craniosacral enthusiast, and nature geek who’s been teaching yoga in Boulder, CO since 2002. Michelle met Francisco Kaiut about ten years ago and is happy to be continuing her studies with him after co-owning Studio Be Yoga, LLC in Boulder, and developing an independent therapeutic yoga and healing business called BioDynamic Yoga, which incorporates Kaiut Yoga, craniosacral therapy, therapeutic yoga for adaptive athletes and individuals with disabilities and spinal injuries, and somatic workshops highlighting aspects of the nervous system and anatomy.

Michelle’s passion is to share hatha yoga and its incredible life-changing depth and to delve into the collective practice field where every person’s potential is available. She brings dedication, warmth, and humor to her work, drawing on her devotional practices inspired by her time spent in India. Michelle loves chanting and kirtan, ecstatic dance, energetic healing modalities, and climbing, hiking, and skiing. She is a geologist and amateur naturalist interested in all kinds of plant medicine, so she’s really fun to play outside with!

Michelle - Our Teachers
Aprille - Our Teachers


Kaiut Yoga Teacher

Aprille began practicing yoga in 1993, first studying on her own with books, then later seeking out a teacher. She dreamed back then of becoming a yoga teacher, but it would be years before that became a reality. Over the years Aprille tried and studied a variety of styles of yoga. After years of sitting stationary in the technology field and dynamically moving while rock climbing, Aprille came to Kaiut Yoga with a variety of injuries. Somewhere during that time Aprille had children, which had also altered her body in ways that required healing. After stepping into her first Kaiut Yoga class, Aprille immediately recognized the benefits of Kaiut, experiencing sensations she hadn’t felt in all her years of other yoga practice.

Aprille has spent the last years studying with Francisco Kaiut in Boulder and in Brazil and is excited to focus on helping others experience greater freedom of movement and enjoyment of their bodies.