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Student Success: Kelsi Cooke

Yoga Pra Todo Mundo!


It’s a Portuguese phrase meaning – yoga for the world, or yoga for everyone.


It’s true, Kaiut Yoga is that practice that can be beneficial and practiced by anyone regardless of age, ability, or gender.


That’s one of the reasons why we wanted to share this story from Kelsi.


Kelsi is one of our younger members, who, two months after beginning Kaiut Yoga, jumped into the Practice Intensive. Here’s what she has to say about her Kaiut Yoga practice and her time with Francisco:


I didn’t come to Kaiut Yoga to heal a specific injury, but to release long-held tension in my body. Balancing my nervous system has become a top priority for me and I have been able to recognize almost immediate benefits in this practice which leave me feeling spacious and calm. In addition, it has shown me that parts of my body which I previously just accepted “as is,” such as tense shoulders and tight hips, can actually change. And the most empowering part of the Kaiut method is that I can do this myself, with the guidance of wonderful teachers, rather than relying on a practitioner to “fix” my body.


I’ve only been practicing for two months, but I can already feel a richness and something that is really relevant for my whole life. When I open my mind to major changes, results come more easily. I can find relief in pain by looking at it directly. It’s like I’m a frozen piece of ice and something melts and connects and unfreezes inside me.


Attending the practice intensive so early in my Kaiut journey was extremely helpful. Being exposed directly to Francisco and the many long-term Kaiut teachers and practitioners gave me a lot more context to the benefits of the practice and the wonderful community. It also directly impacted my overall experience of the practice and showed me that while I was already hooked, there is so much more depth waiting for me as I continue to practice. I highly recommend the experience to anyone considering it- you will experience profound results.


Kelsi is one of our regulars at Kaiut Yoga. Her story and her results are quite consistent with the method. What is unique about Kelsi is that she is able to recognize the value and the result of Kaiut Yoga at a much younger age. Usually, we have to be in enough pain (the compensation mechanisms need to be worn away) to experience the depth of change that Kelsi recognizes.


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