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Student Success – Meet Bill

Every now and then, we drag our family members to a new experience. That’s what happened for Bill when his wife, Becky brought him to Kaiut. With zero yoga experience under his belt, Bill decided to give Kaiut a try. Now, one year later Bill feels 10 years younger and he’s a Kaiut fan.

Here’s what he has to say:

My wife made me come to Kaiut Yoga. I’m 73 years old and Kaiut is the best thing I’ve ever done. My balance has improved, I can touch my toes, my hip feels great and my shoulders are awesome. And the best news is that I can put my pants on standing up. I tell everyone about Kaiut, it’s been great for me.

Consistency has been a key factor in Bill’s progress over the last year.

Initially, Bill started Kaiut at two times a week. Once we started seeing improvement and more integrity in his structure- we decided to add another class. At three times a week, Bill’s progress has taken off. Now, he looks forward to his Kaiut time and he’s often the one whisking Becky to class.

What is even more impressive about Bill’s story is that he’s describing himself as feeling better and younger even though he’s grown older by a year. His balance has improved, his body has softened and he’s aging with grace and mobility. This is what Kaiut Yoga can do for you.


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