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Check out this Podcast with Francisco Kaiut and the Permission to Shine Podcast authored by Andrew Namanny where Francisco Kaiut discusses what led him to create the method originally and a bit about the evolution of the method.


For those of you who are deeply curious about some of the research behind what we do, these eBooks are available for you below. Click on any book to read more.

Kaiut Yoga March 2024 WOMENS HEALTH - Resources

Women’s Health

March 2024

Kaiut Yoga February 2024 Active Aging - Resources

Active Aging

February 2024

Kaiut Yoga December 2023 Yoga for Youth - Resources

Yoga for Youth

January 2024

KaiutYoga Dec2023 NEUROSCIENCE AND YOGA - Resources

Neuroscience and Yoga

December 2023

Nov 2023 Alzheimers - Resources

Alzheimer’s Disease

November 2023

Oct 2023 Womens Health - Resources

Yoga and Women’s Health

October 2023

Kaiut Yoga September 2023 Diversity of Stimuli in Yoga - Resources

Diversity of Stimuli in Yoga

September 2023

Kaiut Yoga August 2023 Doing without doing - Resources

Doing Without Doing

August 2023

Kaiut Yoga July 2023 The power of Focus - Resources

The Power of Focus

July 2023

Kaiut Yoga June 2023 Yoga for men - Resources

Yoga for Men

June 2023

Kaiut Yoga January 2023 Healthy Habits - Resources

Healthy Habits

January 2023

12 Kaiut Yoga December 2022 Stress a modern epidemic - Resources

Stress: A Modern Epidemic

December 2022

Kaiut Yoga November 2022 Yoga and Surgery - Resources

Yoga and Surgery

November 2022

Kaiut Yoga October 2022 Economy Respiratory - Resources

Economy Respiratory

October 2022

Kaiut Yoga August 2022 Yoga Medicine and Health - Resources

Yoga, Medicine, and Health

August 2022

Ebook What is your SUPERPOWER July 2022 - Resources

What is your SuperPower?

July 2022

Kauit Yoga Registred Schools June 2022 Yoga  Breathing - Resources

Yoga and Breathing

June 2022

Kauit Yoga Licensed schools May 2022 Diseases of Comfort - Resources

Diseases of Comfort

May 2022

Kauit Yoga BOOK REFERRAL Yoga and good sleep quality April 2022 - Resources

Book Referral – Good Sleep Quality

April 2022

Kaiut Yoga March 2022 Yoga for women - Resources

Yoga for Women

March 2022


Our posts are also an incredible resource. Clicking on any of these tags below will take you to the associated posts where you can read more, or you can simply visit our blog for all articles.

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