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Kristin and Darvin had a chance to chat after class today. Find out how Darvin first came to Kaiut Yoga and why he loves sharing this special, healing method. #kaiutyoga #kaiutyogaboulder #yogaworks #yogaforeverybody #yogaallday #namaste #instayoga #yogainboulder #neuroplasticity #antiaging #practicepresence #meditate #sukhasana

Posted by Kaiut Yoga Boulder on Friday, August 31, 2018


Hi, everybody, this is Kristin Savory of Kaiut yoga boulder and I’m sitting outside of the studio, with a good friend of mine, as well as one of my business partners dot arbonne air hi hey, Darvin. How are you I’m doing great good. Hey Darvin I thought that today would be a good opportunity that just take a moment sit down and learn more about you. I know that um alot of people have been curious About Craig carbon in myself and so today, we’ll take this opportunity to meet you great. But yeah I’m curious about me too. That’s a good thing right. So I’m kind of wondering you know what first brought you to yoga. How did you first come to the practice. I kinda feel like I stumbled into it. You know because I’ve um always been somebody who has always intrigued around yoga, not in a deep way, but just kind of experiment with an occasional dabble dabble with it a lot and um did a lot of reading mostly and Buddhist readings and so forth, but for me I’ve always been very physical. Having spent a lot of time, outdoors in my life and also you know I’d say just travel a lot. I’ve always kind of been intrigued by learning so when I stumbled into um how you uh, I was really kind of stunned by it. What do you remember. Like what is going on in your body, like yeah, did somebody say hey man you really gotta try this. It was more just introduced to me is something you should check out. It was very new to check out this very neutral and so I went in and pretty much immediately within the first week I was like wow. What just happened right. What did you notice in that first week period. I think I Notice, all my joints, yeah, everyone of my yeah, we got flu right, like you know I’ve been a trail runner for years back in your schemer cyclist. All these things right so you know, I’m sure you know my and I still know it now. After two years, which is finding new space in the ankles finding new angles in the hips finding stuff in the shoulders that you know even in old injuries that came back you know just because that’s what we find the What we uncovered practice right so layer by layer by later right up step by step so you know how you look at it, but it’s it was at the outside it was really something that intrigued me not just as a uh, not in the physical changes in the physical body but also emotionally and engagement ways. I just wanted to learn more basically nina certain point you sort of made this transition and you’re like okay the practice is good and all of this, but in a certain point you decided that we wanted to pursue the teacher training program yeah You know I think um within a years time or less than a year maybe six or seven months into the practice. I am knew that there was gonna be a teacher training with Francisco that was an extended teacher training for a year and yeah so you know what the you know away to year I’ll, just do more of the practice kinda explore this just as a student, but within two weeks of the start up of teacher training is like you know what this is a done deal I’m gonna do this. I got I just needed to dive in cuz. I just had this sense that this was gonna be always ready for it right and I was ready to dive into right why wait okay okay. So, let’s so what was that, like what was that, like well, I mean here you are like okay um, am more mature, gentlemen, entering into a teacher training programme that, like it was really amazing and I’ve always been around learning and education that’s been my background, but coming in to group of like something like 35 plus people. What really Backgrounds come for more of uh. You know, like uh professional corporate professional consultant type in some ways right and it was like a whole different it’s like a totally different culture. There’s, people, who’ve been body workers, their whole lives. I have really explore different methods and so forth and body work or yoga. You name. It. It was in the room right and so I think, for me coming into it. It was um. I think I just Adopted the the mode of learning and paying attention and listening finding out who all these people were and what they were about and I just helped me sort of find a place in the conversation. But I knew from the outset and it can more apparent that I just didn’t have the background in body or other right. There aren’t many other forms of yoga and that was okay. It was great actually I’m so glad I didn’t know you know from the standpoint of that is so cool because you really were one of those pure people, not having all layering and all this stuff. You got to just feel it right. I didn’t have an analytical framework to think about right I’m just like you know But I’m finding this in my body, I know not only my body I’m noticing it in my thought process and my emotional life so all these things were. You know, I don’t. I wouldn’t call him pure, probably because you know we were always kinda alot of adulterer alright. We say no speaking we’re gonna miss that’s right, but you know I know what you’re saying like there’s, always these little insidious ways that we can try to put something into a box payment label. It put a bow on Yeah exactly but you let one little things like that. That I think it’s important to come back to and um you just mention what was it really quickly. I’ll ask my trainer of the well will will move on I’m curious so now is, as you’ve made the transition you’ve gone through the teacher training. Your certified and um I’m curious to hear from you, like I know that there’s A lot of layers here, but 11 or two ideas what do you love about teaching yoga. You know uh I’ve always love learning and learning with other people, for me, it’s about having a room full of folks from all different walks of life. All different ages, all different experiences and they’re bringing what they bring every day right and I get to go in there and you know we’ve got a class plan and all that, but what I get to do is focus on delivering a different experience really focused on That individual but they are needing in their bodies right so really investigating about who that person. How to deliver that method or yes, damn for them not for you know the whole room it’s like it is the whole room and yet there could be 15 individuals in that room and they’re all coming from a different place and history in the bodies that screen ilove that part of it well and I look forward to continuing this conversation at some point. It’s just kinda fun to um dive in and get to know each other better so thank you all for taking The time to listen and thank you and um check out our schedule at how yoga boulder dot com dot. Arbonne is teaching. How many classes a week that for uh weekends we’re gonna be changing one of the Sunday classes. So I would probably to say eight 30 on Saturday Sunday and then during the week Monday, Wednesday at noon yeah so they keep on top of our schedule head to kinda get the holder dot com and we’ll see you later bye Thanks Darvin thanks