Aprille in Brazil

Meet Aprille

Aprille is a busy mom of two girls. She first came to Kaiut Yoga with back pain and overuse injuries as a result of tech work and rock climbing. Aprille’s results are inspiring. Read on to find out more about her journey with Kaiut Yoga.

How did you hear about Kaiut Yoga?

I found it down the street from where I live, but I’ve been practicing yoga for about 25 years now.

What did you find about Kaiut that drew you in and kept you coming back?

From the very first class, I noticed that it was very different from other styles of yoga that I had practiced in the past. I was feeling different sensations in my body that I felt were going to lead to healing and they have.

So you’ve had injuries in the past?

Initially, when I came to Kaiut Yoga I had pain in my right sacrum from carrying my first child near the end of the third trimester that hadn’t resolved for about seven and a half years. I had pain whenever I bent over. It was something that was affecting my life. After about a year of practice, that injury completely resolved itself. I have, in essence, learned how to walk again, thanks to a greater awareness and reconnecting with my body through this practice.

I also had a lot of shoulder injuries from climbing and mountain biking. I would feel pain in my shoulder when I would raise my arm. Most recently last year, I have been having a tendonitis situation related to 2 decades of computer work and climbing. I also have signs of osteoarthritis in my shoulder.

How are your shoulder and forearm injuries doing now?

Within weeks of continually practicing Kaiut Yoga after my recent shoulder injury last July, I was been able to regain mobility in my shoulder joint. I am now able to move more freely, and I saw results very quickly. Now, I’m continuing to increase the range of motion in my shoulders and I can feel them healing.

I’m also feeling the tension in my neck dissolving, which is pretty neat.

Were you receiving bodywork or receiving treatments for your injuries?

Yes – massage, acupuncture, chiropractic. Nothing was really addressing the injuries. I would get temporary relief, but nothing that was long-lasting.

That sacral pain that I had for 7 plus years hasn’t been around over the last year. And, what is wonderful is that I’m getting those long-lasting results now by myself. I’m being guided in Kaiut Yoga, but I’m making the results happen and I’m gaining tools that I can use for a lifetime.

Would you have any recommendations for new people to the practice?

I think it’s very valuable to take several classes over the course of a couple of weeks to get a sense of how this yoga can impact you. Many poses involve sitting or lying down on the floor. Sometimes we even get in chairs! This, in combination with the fact that we close our eyes a lot, can help people feel comfortable in this style of yoga where they may not feel that way in other types of yoga. There is such a variety of ages and body types in class, and the diversity of students is wonderful.

I would suggest that a new student appreciate the sense that this is a very different style of yoga since it involves working with the joints instead of stretching the muscles.

What I love about Kaiut Yoga is that we hold the poses for a longer time. I love that we have the opportunity to fully absorb the depth of a shape. It’s been incredible to learn that the best results occur by not pushing or overdoing – by really just allowing the poses to work for you.