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Letting Go

Have you noticed that Kaiut Yoga has a ripple effect?

It’s something that we don’t often think about when we go to a yoga class. Most of us actually come to yoga with quite low expectations. Initially, we think of yoga as a “good stretch” or something that we do to balance out our cardiovascular activities. Rarely do we come to yoga thinking that yoga could be that thing that changes our lives.

We forget.

As we get healthier, more centered, and operate with less pain- often those relationships around us improve as well.

It’s an unintended ripple effect that becomes one of Kaiut Yoga’s greatest side benefits. 

Take a look at these words from John Winsor. John participated in the January Practice Intensive with Francisco Kaiut where he had these words to share. Make sure to read to the end, his conclusion is significant.

We, as a society, are oriented to achieve and do and see what’s over the next sunrise.  I’ve done a lot of things in my life — surfed big waves, written books, pushed my body to the limits. I have all these accomplishments, but I’ve been searching for how to ‘let go’. It’s not about ‘trying’ to let go, either. You can’t actively do ‘letting go’, you have to be in the moment to actually do it. 

My whole life, I was living five feet in front of me. I was leaning forward, living that way and it did something to my structure. To stand up straight, you have to just be. I’ve achieved so much, but my life is now about orienting to internal work and Kaiut. I want longevity and so I keep coming back. 

This isn’t exercise. This is much more about healing than it is about yoga. If I can heal and be more settled, then everyone around me can be more settled too.

John’s last thoughts are impressive. This is what Yoga can do for you. 

Kaiut Yoga can soothe your nervous system, heal your body, calm your mind and as a result of those positive effects. Kaiut Yoga can improve the quality of your life and your relationships.

Why wait to have those positive effects around you? Stay with the practice, share it with others, and engage one day at a time to co-create your best life.Register for your next class here.