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Latest from the Boulder Kaiut Teacher Training

Our team at Kaiut Yoga Boulder (Craig, Kristin & Darvin) as well as many other teachers wrapped up another week of the extensive teacher training with Francisco this past weekend. And, it just gets better each time.

Any time spent with Francisco is definitely special. He has a way of helping people dive right into the middle of their ‘feeling’ bodies through the Kaiut Method. Francisco offered a new level of precision and insight during our weekend of Teacher Training; including how to be more intentional around our individual practice, how to avoid the most common mistakes in delivering pressure, and most importantly- how to deepen our understanding of the nervous system and our role in avoiding ‘over-interpreting’ what we think we see in a student or our own bodies. The critical role that time plays in healing was another key point of our teacher trainee conversations.
On Saturday, after Francisco led all 30 trainees through 5 plus hours of practice, one student remarked,

I can barely describe the weekend. Fabulous might be the most descriptive word.

Another offered…

His work keeps evolving. I don’t understand how he keeps delivering.

During that same practice session, Francisco shifted our focus away from teaching and back to our individual practices.

Francisco made one point crystal clear: To be an excellent teacher, one must have many, many hours of practice and research to understand our own nervous systems and to better relate to our students’ experience.

While there are aspects of teaching that can be learned, (e.g. we can learn how to communicate, to connect, and even how to use our voice as a tool), we must be able to deliver classes that meet our students’ bodies in a way that achieves optimal results. In order to understand the capabilities of the human nervous system- one has to practice with intention and with the spirit of discovery.

As our Kaiut Yoga Boulder owner/ teacher team reflected on our weekend experience, we came to several conclusions:

Intellectualizing the Kaiut Method is not the way to deliver consistent results. So many of us want to understand how the Method works, explain it through anatomy, our past bodywork experiences, and be able to give concrete answers to questions. That actually can confuse the work and its potential.

Francisco continues to encourage us not to explain or understand through our analytical minds, but to teach from our own feeling experience. Kaiut Yoga is not about achieving a perfect pose. Kaiut Yoga is all about feeling what is happening within the system through the pose. Building our Kaiut Boulder community of practitioners will continue to be about impeccable care, open- mindedness and a willingness to listen and learn from our students and teachers.

At Kaiut Yoga Boulder, we are honored to be working alongside Francisco. In many ways, we’re becoming Francisco’s eyes, ears, and hands while he is away from the Boulder community. On a weekly basis, we receive input on that week’s class sequences, while sharing individual student progress.

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Kaiut Yoga Boulder would like to extend a big thank you to Cultivated Healing for hosting the teacher training at their studio. Thank you, Dave and Kemper- let’s keep the healing happening for all.

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