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Kaiut Yoga Boulder Travels to Brazil 2019

This picture was taken at the Sitio Gloria Center outside of Sao Paulo in 2018 when Craig and Kristin were in retreat with Francisco in Brazil. Just one month after returning home from the Kaiut Yoga Carnival Retreat in 2018, we opened Kaiut Yoga Boulder.

This profound week of retreat during Carnival holds a special place in our Kaiut Yoga Boulder history. It’s a time when we can deepen our practice and strengthen our connection to Francisco’s ground-breaking method.

In less than a month, we’ll be headed to Brazil. All three of us- Craig, Darvin, and Kristin- are going this year to deepen our understanding and improve our teaching skills. We’re so excited to be able to spend 8 days in retreat focused on the method. The Gloria Sitio staff provides all support so that we can focus on our practice and the exploration of new skills.

After our retreat, we will be headed to Curitiba (site of the original Kaiut Yoga School), to continue our learning and spend more focused time with Francisco and his Brazil Kaiut team.

We’ll share some of our travels via email, but if you want to be a part of what’s happening on a day-to-day basis then follow us on Facebook or Instagram. We’ll be posting daily to keep you in the loop.

At Kaiut Yoga Boulder- we’re proud to have Francisco as one of our team players. Being on a team means that someone always has your back. While we’re studying in Brazil, Francisco is sending one of his teachers, Jackson Kegel, to Kaiut Yoga Boulder so that classes will continue uninterrupted.

Jackson is very excited to return to his hometown with a whole different objective in mind. For the first time, this Boulder native will be teaching Kaiut Yoga in English! He currently spends hours a day at Kaiut Yoga’s original studio where all classes are taught in Portuguese. We’re very excited that Jackson will be in Boulder, working with and taking care of our members.

Catch up on Jackson’s intro video here.

We’ll be sharing more about Jackson as we get closer to our departure. In the meantime, make sure to swing by on Facebook or Instagram and follow along with us, so that you don’t miss a beat while we’re in Brazil.