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KYB Interviews: Kaiut Yoga for Injury Recovery

Kaiut Yoga for Injury Recovery

Meet one of our consistent students and find out how he used Kaiut Yoga to rehab his ankle break. Kaiut Yoga is a biomechanical form of yoga that may be able to bring more circulation and healing to injured areas.

Posted by Kaiut Yoga Boulder on Friday, November 23, 2018


Hi, everybody, this is Kristin Savory with Kaiut Yoga Boulder and I am here with one of our students. This is John. John, I was hoping that you could just tell people how you heard about Kaiut Yoga and maybe a little bit about what you’re experiencing in your body.

Yeah, so a a wonderful girlfriend I had at the time was a big fan of of Kaiut Yoga and we went to Toronto and I had my very first Kaiut Yoga with Francisco at an event there and I was pleased to find that in Boulder we have Kristin and her team giving us Francisco type yoga everyday. What a resource.

Yeah and so you’ve been doing Kaiut Yoga for about how long?

About six to eight months.

Can you tell me what have you experienced in that amount of time?

A lot of it has been, since I’m on a regular bicyclists. I have a fair amount of tightness in certain areas of my body and the Kaiut Yoga has really helped open that up and you know balance things back out for me and so forth.

And recently you actually had an injury didn’t you?

Yea, I broke my ankle, bottom of the fibula. A kindly break as these things go, but it was something that took awhile to heal and got back into the Kaiut Yoga and you folks we’re very good at just finding pose modifications and so forth that would really help with that injury.

So even after a significant injury, you were able to do the practice. How do you feel like the Kaiut of yoga has influenced your recovery?

If anything it’s just really speed things along and smooth things out. It brought that part of my body back into alignment with other parts. Yeah it’s really really working out well.

Great well, it is wonderful to have you at the studio John! Thank you so much for spending a little bit of time and doing this with us. If you’d like to hear more about yoga come visit, our site kaiutyogaboulder.com We’ll see you there!