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KYB Interviews: Christina Siepiela

KYB Interviews: Christina Siepiela

Many of you met our colleague- Christina Siepiela of Kaiut Yoga Dallas- on her recent trip to Boulder. Within minutes of meeting Christina, it’s easy to note that Christina’s energy is infectious and her love for Kaiut Yoga is abundant. Recently, Kristin had the chance to sit down with Christina and chat a little bit more about her journey with Kaiut Yoga. How she first met Francisco, what it was like to move away from the practice and how she reconnected with Kaiut Yoga to begin Kaiut Yoga Dallas. Take a listen and hear why Kaiut Yoga became Christina’s passion.

Posted by Kaiut Yoga Boulder on Thursday, November 15, 2018


Hi, everybody, this is Kristin Savory with Kaiut yoga boulder and I am here with a very dear friend of ours and colleague of ours, Christina Siepiela of yoga Dallas hello. Everybody hi kristen hi christina. I’m so glad to have you here. Thank you so much. I’m happy to be here with you too, yeah christina um just recently came to boulder for a visit and a lot of people at our studio got to meet you and then there’s there’s been such an influx of people Coming into our studio, that a lot of people missed you to christina and um. After your visit so many people came up to me and they said we wanna hear more who is this chick got and I thought it would be just a great opportunity to get to know you to get to know a little bit about what’s going on in the Dallas community as well as um it’s kind of your perspective on yoga you’ve been studying with Francisco along time having you, yes, yeah. We know each other for almost 20 years and Um, I was in his shoes and you know, since two thousand one to two thousand four before I moved to the United States so I have been in touch with his methods for a little while now more intense but yeah yeah so something that might even miss that christina so you’re actually from francisco’s hometown. Yes, I was born in the back that is a city in South of Brazil and I grew up there. I went to College and I start my job and um into two thousand one, I was uh working and having a very active life uh huh between you know two jobs and my own life and just you know, early twenties and um. I developed the very very huge back thing uh in my sciatic nerve. Uh huh and with that intense pain when there was talking to someone and the Fbi and then they suggest me to go and check out our new yoga with Francisco or because she people and so I said Yoga, what I do that no I’ve never thought about to do anything related to yoga so that’s when I met him and through the matter and I started to attend his classes weekly uh and develop this connection with the mattered with the results of the method and with the himself. We became friends and and yeah and that’s the story, but then I moved to the United States in two thousand four right and then you had kind of this guy Right so you so you studied with Francisco for along time developed a relationship with him and um and it sounded like to me to that you actually got a lot of physical relief but but also some surprising. Other changes happened to yes, um when I was uh in that time of my life, I was very resistant to make any changes because you know you’re remembering your twenties. You just wanna keep going right. yes Going because you have your goals and your goals are your life when I was you know, it alright. You know what exactly there is no way that I’m gonna change right and practicing for you as you do to you and your community boulder. That’s by the way, beautiful, that you were asking about me. Thank you so much. I had an amazing time with all of you. There and I wanna come back So, for me was a period of resistance as well because I felt that the mattered was um going you know through my skin and at the same time that feeling under the skin was kind of hey. This is this is kind of calling me for other things. Alright. Besides physical things and that’s when the whole you know Challenge came and knock at my door and said hey Francisco used to say if you don’t start, if you don’t change your body is gonna just break and then you’re not gonna be able to do what you wanna do so that’s when I knew no other other uh results and reflects about the practice game through emotionally. You know the life the vision of life that I want for me. My body, you know being uh pain free For many years right yeah right so then how much time would you have because I need your in the tuba studying you happen to meet your husband who happens to live in a different country. All that stuff kind of changes and they know what kind of a time period is between that um I left for Brazil in two thousand four so that was the last year that I practice method with Francisco and greet cheater, then I moved to Dallas straight to Dallas my husband was already Here uh he’s, an American hebrew weapon taxes and um Francisco suggested me at yoga school here in Dallas, but physically them or where I was leaving and where the school was so I kind of kind of like okay. Let me try other things like before I moved I told my husband please find me a church find as a church and yoga to you and uh when I English school, where I could go and improve my English only three things, three at the church. You studio and need some English because I need body my yes, yeah. I need spirit yeah so he found for me at yoga studio that used to be called goodbye as they close doors years ago and then index studio. I found out that there was this thing called power yoga Minneapolis flew. My stand so I kind of started to have And fun with all that man, I think I mentioned to you once that when I was doing those class as I thought for cisco needs to know this, this is so cool you know that all sweaty in the class and I had two kids during that time. So right good for me good. I thought it was good. You know go back to this shape that I was before pregnancy be It was two thousand five and when I reconnected with him, was two thousand 16 so that was 11 years 11 years. 11 years okay, so during that 11 year period, how is your body doing. I mean we were trying different things. What are you noticing. I think I was not exactly conscious about how my body was I was I’m not their way of doing things Right now, the conscious that what I am doing to my body so it was just a crazy rhythm that it was doing my during my 30 ‘s and having kids in a new country, new language, new culture and I was just thought that that thing was fun right uh. Thank you. I got hurt oh you got injured. I got injured or am I serve the call and I developed a bulging disc And with that kind of business came and then Super hard paying on my neck so I started to like maybe I’m doing something that I’m not supposed to be doing right and in some way um I started a personal project called privilege home dot com and in concert between the ideas about having the mother at home, full time is it a privilege At home and then decide that idea, I put a lot of the yoga yeah lot of New York and never anything related to the yoga that I was practicing right. So it was kind of seeking out bad the memory was there when I heard that mean for me and that’s when I sent their article that I wrote to Francisco, like universe skull right and it will be connected, like hey Me from 11 years ago no and I thought that he didn’t actually didn’t remember because I couldn’t let his didn’t have his phone no, I sent to the studio right and then this guy call in to order that I know that today’s doodle and throughout the South Francisco said thank you so much and I said only thank you that is weird. I was his friend and then two days later, he wrote me a very kind email say hey now you were doing something interesting. Let’s talk about it um Okay cool so that’s, what you back in that yeah so okay, so 11 year gap all of this all of these things happen now. You come back into the fold. What is that. What is that. First class back like you know what it was appear, memory. My memory when I um took my first class with him in Toronto last year in September after 11 years without seeing him and practice with him, I said On the mat and I started to listen to his voice and just close my eyes and started practicing he found that I never being away from that. Wow Bell that my body just recognize the voice and the fact that everything that comes with produce on us and my body just started to you know To follow and or is he noticed that I was much more resistant in terms of physical. My shoulders were tie my neck wasn’t acting yes, such a pain and could not have mobility in the Middle of the mac. Uh feet and hands absolutely what have been rejected breads it you know 11 years of power yoga and working as a mom Um you know those things rayne the the conscious came came back that the limb, both time that I had it was gone so fast because I think my body never observed that. Oh I see what you’re saying because because there was this little disconnect right and it was more just for movement purposes right that it didn’t have that same overlay that same awareness that um oh that’s interesting christie exactly yeah Yeah so now so, then you come back into practice, something lights up in you something away, something lights up in. You tell us about yoga Dallas yes, um you know you say that opportunities happen to you in life and you have two choices right either. You take for you say I’m not ready yet right um and with And my life cross with his life again and he showed me all the beautiful work that he was going with your community. Yes, um citadel ride. Broomfield going to Canada and explore internationally more the work in the brand. Then you know he never say exactly what he wants to say to you, but it kinda sense little messages and And then at that You, wanna do me. He was just like making questions for me. You know, and then I felt that maybe there was something that I would like to do for the rest of my life right so he invited me to first to attend the first training in Toronto. That’s what I did last year in September and then, when I came back, you know as soon as I finish, I was pretty sure that I really wanna work with the brand developed in Dallas othe the community start teaching in a few months and practice more and understand more the work. Yeah so yeah pretty lucky pretty lucky huh how is that transition for you going from being a student and really studying with the master right going from that place to taking the lead To be a teacher and then also taking the link to open the studio House that um it’s it’s beautiful any at the same way. Challenge. But you feel that it shouldn’t never leaves you right. You are gone in a constant work as a student. Um the business part is very interesting because I love to be open to new things and I love to make you know, people come to me and if I have something interesting to say, I love to share with people so Of communication and be more social, I love that I’d or to do this kind of who are very good at that time. I love it yeah. Thank you and so this children is it’s on us forever because we we think we all know that we never know everything right. We always want to be better and and feel more and understand more and the teacher part is probably what it takes me. You know Or in all those apartments of this project because I didn’t know if I actually was gonna like to teach right, I have none of us do right actually better than the actually get in the room. Yeah yeah so he told me he suggested me to start teaching after I finished the second training the name for this year, so we started in may may nine and I’m closing six months now in November and it has been an amazing unique fabulous experience It’s because um I close the door and then my whole entire life is inside that room. Yeah. I don’t think about my kids. I don’t think about my husband. I don’t think about my life and it’s an experience very transit dental like it’s it’s just too new to be there and deliver the work in the service to your students ready It’s very much like a meditation isn’t, it it’s like feeling other presents yes absolutely yeah in case yoga Dallas has some pretty interesting things going on. Doesn’t. It well, we are um developing here. I feel things because we are still very um on the scratch about to build the community right you’re, just starting to scratch the surface right butter press exactly so cisco came here. One year ago hockey and he He taught the first workshop. It was a very small group and then he came back in July was a bigger group. My classes are consistently growing. It’s still this small community but we are you know in the developments so I am um offering this week. Uh pay you yoga for golfers, which I think is just fantastic and I think that’s a brilliant idea yeah. I had this idea because we teach and I’ve got with um country club that it is maintenance golf course, so honored and we all know that the biggest Golf today the biggest names in golf today, they are practice yoga. I don’t know what kind of yoga they do, but there is some they called the stretching part to bring you the flexibility back because many of them have back problems hip problems shoulder problems so the idea is to show the players that they can Play golf for the rest of their lives right or do they wanna play golf for how long more they wanna play off and and basically why do they need for that America golf clubs or go to fancy places. So they can gets tired it’s a functional body. Exactly so with that idea, Francisco. We talked about it and we designed from the sequences from one to the 39 West plans It’s the ones that we would like to offer to this players, just for them to have this initial touch. Yeah the nap that yeah christine it was so funny when this whole class idea came out because it literally when you first advertised it. I think it was five days before you had first advertise it to different gentleman came up to me in two different classes and had told me how their golf game has improved since I’ve started yoga really and they had said to me they said you know I don’t know if it’s the yoga improving my golfer. I don’t know how to I was working, but I’ve had both of them said um one of them said that his grip on the club improved and so that helped his trajectory of the ball and the other one had said that um his stamina had improved and um his swing improved in that second, that second, referral or testimonial um, he said that he had gotten his lowest score ever all my Yeah it is amazing, no it’s not just how long you can play golf and might actually improve their sports to absolutely yeah you know as long as they’re playing well they’re gonna, keep playing forever when I think you nailed it on the head to when you said it’s not really about equipment it’s not really about um the train where you’re playing it’s about a functional body yeah. You can improve the function of that body. You know all sorts of things start to shift in life better relationships, better golf for Cars you know it’s kind of like that ripple effect. How it moves out into the world absolutely absolutely yes, there is no, there is no doubt on how this method improves the quality of life. Basically healing us from from what makes us few bad. You know is this trash. Is you know, the success of commitment in life and and you know the daily household Things in the world so all that, when you put together in one you know one body in one mind and one brain you can get alot. It plus other things right diseases that and I will let everything yeah absolutely and then what is it in February. Is something special happening. Yes, February Francisco will be coming to Dallas for the third time. Mary did First, through the third nine offering a workshop and we’re calling yoga for your joints great and so it’s Friday night Saturday morning and afternoon and Sunday morning and we’re gonna offering at bent tree country club where he coming right now. I know a lot of local people they’re gonna are going to jump on this, but I also know that there’s quite a few fans of yours that are kind of international because you’ve done these teacher trainings in Toronto oh, let’s say somebody from our community. We wanted to go to Dallas with that weekend. How would we find out more Information about that you can look on our website at you yoga Dallas, but more okay and you can go there and you find advance information and you can, I see Dallas workshop with Francisco pay you three um and people from out of here out of town out of state are more than welcome to come and see my big city of my big d the big Dallas the big Dallas. You know They say that everything is bigger in taxes, something yeah. Let me see it. You guys taxes too old my God that’s great that’s how absolutely yeah we are. We are already have a few people from out of town home farming that they’re coming people from the teacher training Toronto that they just wanna continue. You know and yeah. I mean I I’m just gonna, give a plug that if that’s possible February first through third, any time spent with somebody Francisco who’s the innovator of the method that has that kind of depth of knowledge and understanding of the human body. Any time that you can spend around a person like that is invaluable. Absolute. So every single time I go so much deeper in my own experience um in my healing uh evening, you know my revelations or what trajectory I want to go in in my life it’s Justin Lee just a magical time and how beautiful that I couldn’t just happen over a short we can like that. yes Yeah it’s a short weekend and, but very intense because you know when we are with him there’s, no messing around it’s hard to unplug after that’s the good start, though, as there right, we keep that with our lives, yeah that’s so great yeah. I received the phone call from a lady in New Jersey. Do you you heard about pay you through someone that did the class. I believe in Colorado maybe you guys um And she said this person told me that I have to go and practice with this man and understand this maps and that she’s a yoga teacher and so said, but I wanna do a teacher training. But I wanna go to Dallas and what I should do is said well always start with little sips gonzales now I am sally Wright comes to the dollars experience at small weekend with he and season from at him before yeah here practice understand and then I’ll take a bigger fly and go to Toronto Yeah yeah it’s any experience it’s amazing, valuable. Yes, Super valuable it’s all just changing and growing and evolving yeah yeah information always internal transformation. Um for the batter. Yes, you know that steam it’s always so good to connect with you. I could talk to you forever. I think we can right yeah. We totally could I’m so glad to hear everything that’s going on at kind yoga Dallas I’m just gonna spell this out for People so if you’re looking for information and um the upcoming yoga class yoga workshop with Francisco over February, first through third or if you wanna take a look at christina schedule, she’s teaching, how many days a week right now three times a week, three times a week yeah its look, how high you yoga Dallas it’s a beauty yoga Dallas dot com take a look at her schedule. Take a look at some of the things that are going on there and If you live near boulder and you wanna check out what we have going on here it’s the same deal. Coyote ut yoga boulder Co. You L, d, R and we’d love to take care of you, yes, wonderful by the way, I will share her name with you, but already receive someone email me is coming for the workshop that she will be both In a few weeks of great sad in boulder, I said in boulder our team is and she said yes, that’s the ones that I’m gonna go and meet yeah. I would say it’s just growing and growing and it’s so great to be part of the network with you, christine and we really um like having you, on the team oh it’s it’s my my pleasure to I love you guys and I admire each of you Craig and arbonne for the amazing work That you are all doing. I had the pleasure of being your student for one day. It was fine cristina got to take classes with each one of us. It was Super fun. Yeah. It was beautiful and um and I feel so grateful that we are to gathering this yeah so christine and maybe what we should do um is we’ll schedule a time sometime down the road and we’ll have you back for a little like you know, what’s what New, what’s shaking in Texas, kinda I’m absolutely anytime and I would love to do that with you to hear for Dallas that would be great that would be great. Thank you so much for spending some time with us of course. Thank you so much and I’m so happy for both the community with you all of you!