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Integrating Life And Kaiut Yoga Online

Every single day that we record a class, our team at Kaiut Yoga Boulder remarks about how sweet it is to see all of you create your practice spaces in your homes.

You see, in the West- we often have a compartmentalized mindset regarding the different parts, activities, jobs or roles of our lives. It might not be true for all of us- but surely most of us would confess to thinking about different aspects of our lives as separate. We have our work life, our family life, our spiritual life- and then there is our yoga life. We often think of these aspects of life in their own separate boxes with our yoga practice in it’s own corner- removed from it all.  The current global situation may give us the opportunity to see that yoga doesn’t have to create a division between any other part of our lives. Yoga can be the main ingredient or glue that unifies our life. 

Over the past two weeks, we’ve seen you share screens and send pictures of you practicing with your children, your grandchildren, your pets, and for some of you- your parents and spouses. Some of you have shared that there are street noises, family noises, and other noises that are completely out of your control- and yet you are having to combine all of these circumstances into your practice.

Today, we can not go to our Kaiut Yoga Boulder school as we know it and practice for an hour among familiar faces and sounds. 

Today, we are being required to intertwine home life with our yoga practice.

This is a very special moment in our history. One that we will have to learn and grow from and hopefully use in our favor. As always, life is unfolding in it’s own perfect way.

When developing your practice at home we encourage you to keep these things in mind:

  1. Use a variety of textures: This is the perfect opportunity to approach your practice from a new perspective and use lots of different materials. If you’re used to practicing on a hard floor, try practicing on your bed. If you’re used to practicing on a mat, try practicing on carpet. Don’t confine yourself to any one way to practice. Experiment, play and have fun!
  2. Let yourself enjoy: There is a very selfish aspect to any yoga practice. This is the time that you are setting aside for yourself to heal and grow. Don’t worry about your partner, your friends or your children being with you as you practice. You might mention your yoga practice along the way, but practice for yourself and know that they will see how much joy and benefit you get from your practice. If they decide to join you at some point, they will be so much more willing when it comes from their own initiative.
  3. Nurture kindness: Whether you’ve been practicing Kaiut Yoga for years or you’re just beginning, it’s super important to have a very kind approach when you’re practicing at home. This is not a time to find more pressure or intensity in your practice. This is the perfect time to set a strong foundation of self-love and care for your yoga practice. Yoga can be used as a healing resource for you for your entire lifetime, but only when it is approached with a positive, healing mindset.

We have so enjoyed this time connecting with all of you online. If you have any questions or comments that you’d like to share with us, please send us your thoughts through our contact page.