Tennis 1920x810 1 - How This Tennis Player Just Upped Her Game

How This Tennis Player Just Upped Her Game

One of the greatest joys about teaching the Kaiut Yoga Method is to hear the success stories of our students. This next particular story is just too good to not be shared. Go ahead, settle in and listen to this story unfold.

I’m the kind of person that likes to get up and go. In the past, I would wake up and just crank to get things done. Kaiut Yoga has literally changed the way I approach life on and off the tennis court. It’s a mindset shift. Now, I wake up in a different mode. I’ve realized that I don’t have to press myself to get things done. Now, with a consistent Kaiut practice and mindset, I’m more relaxed, and things still get done with more ease.

We’ve been working with a student over the last 3 weeks. She’s in her mid 50’s, has 2 grown children, loves to be getting things done, and… she’s an avid tennis player. 

Typically, this student would have a list of things to do before getting to her yoga practice. She mentioned that her practice was something that she tended to “squeeze in” at the end of her very, long day. And while she still likes to practice yoga to wind down, she noticed something very interesting the other day when her yoga practice came before her tennis lesson.

Through her smile and her bright eyes, she told us how she came to her lesson clear and focused. She was able to see the ball. Most importantly, she described connecting with the ball without over-muscling it, but striking the ball with efficiency and strength. She said she was so “in the flow” that she had nothing else to attribute it to, except for her yoga class in the morning.

From that moment, she knew that she wanted Kaiut Yoga to be a constant in her life and even more importantly, she knew she wanted to organize her day around her yoga.

This was a profound change for her.

To go from squeezing yoga into her day to prioritizing her yoga. Before she was practicing thinking that yoga was a balance for all the things she had to get done. Now, she sees the value and necessity in her Kaiut practice. For her, the knowing came from deep inside of her body. 

This shift is exactly why we teach Kaiut Yoga.

We teach this yoga so that you can live at your fullest potential. So that you can feel your best and be your best regardless of your history, your story, or even your passions.

Sure- we love that Kaiut Yoga rolls back the clock and improves longevity. We love that this method helps so many people in their daily health and well-being. But even more important, we keep teaching Kaiut Yoga so that our students can enjoy those activities that bring them a profound sense of life, joy and purpose. For this student to be beaming, so happy to be playing tennis better than ever, was worth its weight in gold.