History of Yoga

Yoga is designed for you. Now more than ever before in human history, yoga is essential for you to thrive. 

Take a look at this picture below.

Human Evolution - History of Yoga

It’s a simple depiction of the physical evolution of the human being from caveman to the modern man.

Not so much has changed when we look at the body. We still have the same physical structure. For instance, there are two legs, two arms, a head, eyes, and a mouth. When we look inside the body the organ system is similar as well. There’s the heart, liver, two kidneys, a bladder, etc. The organs, and the skeletal structure, even the digestive and nervous systems have not changed significantly. Yet, over the course of this time period, the environment surrounding us has changed dramatically.

Think about this:

  • We no longer hunt and forage for food. Today, any type of specialty food can be delivered to us on demand.
  • Instead of sleeping in caves, we now have ultra comfortable beds. 
  • We rarely have to deal with changing temperatures. We now have heating and cooling systems that keep external temps even throughout the year. 
  • We walk for enjoyment but not as a function of transportation or getting daily errands completed. Cars are king in modern societies.

The environment around us has literally been shaped and sculpted to provide more comfort. The end result of this curated and ultra comfortable environment is that the modern body does not receive the physical stimulus that the body is not stimulated in a way that it needs to thrive according to the original design.  

Overtime, the underutilization of the body leads to physical pain, nervous system dysregulation , emotional imbalance, and a lack of vitality. 


Today, even if we consider ourselves to be active, our bodies are literally malnourished from lack of movement. 

The majority of us (even the athletes among us*), spend many hours of the day, sitting. The picture above shows it best as most of our time is spent hunched over a computer, scrolling our phones, eating at a dinner table, or driving around town. Today,  our “movement box” is generally relegated to a two foot square of space in front of us and slightly below shoulder level. 

The limited nature of the modern movement box means that the joint, the surrounding tissue, even the organs and glands are literally starved from proper stimulation. Every time you move your arm over head, a chain of physical and biochemical events cascades through the limb, shoulder structure, neck and beyond. This stimulation is crucial for the body and being to function at its best. 


The modern human body is not only craving for us to move outside of this limited movement box-  it is absolutely essential! 


As you consider Kaiut Yoga as an a compliment to your self-care plan consider the following questions:

  • What would Kaiut Yoga be able to do for you if you considered functional movement as essential to your well being as any vitamin, nutrient, or health care practice. 
  • How would your body flourish if circulation improved so that the brain, spine, organs, muscles and all the tissues in the body received more nutrients carried by the blood?
  • Who would you be if the physical body was stimulated in a way that promoted a healthier mental state?


Kaiut Yoga is a practice that is available to all of us based on our human design. Just like any supplement or vitamin that you might consider adding to your diet so that you can perform at your best. Consider your yoga – not only as something that feels good or to compliment your physical workouts-, consider your yoga practice as it’s own nutrient;  absolutely essential and necessary for your mental and physical well being.

*Keep a lookout for more on this topic. We’ll be sharing more soon.