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Frontline Healthcare Worker Online Program

We hope you know how much we are thinking about each and every one of you. We know that life is changing quickly and new details are emerging every day. The three of us at Kaiut Yoga Boulder are grateful that we’re able to share Kaiut Yoga as a tool to help support you and your loved ones as we’re all navigating this new territory together.

Every day we’re getting feedback from around the country that our Kaiut Yoga Boulder Online classes are helping people center, feel hopeful, and connected.

Here are a few comments:

Thank you so much for a wonderful class! So very grateful for this! Namaste 

Thanks for the extra work you did to archive this on youtube. Great class!

I’ve been doing classes late at night, when my house is finally quiet. Thank you so much for streaming online!

We hope you continue to resource your practice as a source for growth and repair.

View a demo of an online class at the bottom of this post.

A vital component of yoga is the ability to give back to the community. Although we can not change the circumstances surrounding our global situation, we certainly can offer our help.

To this end, Kaiut Yoga Boulder, along with Francisco Kaiut, is offering their online programs free to those of you that are working on the frontlines to contain COVID-19.

For the next 30 days, Kaiut Yoga Boulder is offering free online Kaiut Yoga classes to all Hospital Staff and First Responders (police, fire, and ambulance) in Boulder County. Those who qualify should submit the form on the online class page.

A big thank you goes to all of our members and all of you who continue to support us so that we can offer this platform to these people who are working diligently around the clock to keep us as safe as possible.

In closing, we at Kaiut Yoga Boulder promise to continue delivering the highest quality yoga experience as we can to you. We value your feedback and considerations. If you have a friend that you believe could benefit from Kaiut Yoga, please let them know about us.

Darvin Craig Kristin - Frontline Healthcare Worker Online Program

With deep gratitude-

Darvin, Craig, and Kristin