FAQ: The Living the Method Workshop

Whenever Francisco comes to town, there’s a lot of excitement in the air. Even with the anticipation, some of our students have asked us some great, straight-up questions regarding the Living the Method workshop.

Here are our most direct answers to your most frequent questions. If you’ve got more lingering ?’s, please contact us and we’ll help you as best we can.

Q: I’ve already done a Living the Method workshop. Does it really make sense for me to take the workshop again in September?

ANSWER: Yes. Every Living the Method workshop is like a living and ever-evolving organism. Francisco has a plan and goal for students that attend his workshop. However, the energetics of the class and even the word choice is very dependent on who is in the room. No two Living the Method workshops or sequences are the same. Every class experience with Francisco is fresh and depends on the variety of student needs in the room. What’s particularly interesting about Francisco classes is that the work seems to penetrate a little deeper every time we show up.

Q: I’m new to the practice, will I be able to handle a two-hour class?

ANSWER: A two-hour class can feel intimidating to newcomers. That said, Francisco is a master at delivering a class that suits new students, as well as, long-time students that have been studying with him for years. If a two-hour class still feels overwhelming, we encourage you to consider registering for one or two of Francisco’s Open Sessions. The Open Sessions are one-hour classes that will be held at our new Kaiut Yoga Boulder school. Please register now for these, as we do have a limit to the number of students we can accommodate in our new space.

Q: Is it all practice or is there some talking/lectures too?

ANSWER: One thing is for sure, Francisco loves to practice and he loves to teach the experience of practice to his students. While there is background information and education delivered during the Living the Method Workshop, most of the experience is still centered around the practice.

Q: Where is it being held?

ANSWER: We are holding the Living the Method event at Naropa’s beautiful Nalanda campus in their main Event Center. The address is 6287 Arapahoe Avenue, Boulder CO 80303.

Q: After my last Francisco class, I had a strong reaction in my system.
Is that normal?

ANSWER: You may have experienced a detox reaction. Detox reactions can often happen and are a natural process with the Kaiut Yoga method. Our bodies are extremely intelligent. As we reintroduce movement to areas that have been shut down for long or even short periods of time, the body will upload exactly what needs to be dealt with. Sometimes students will experience lymphatic reactions, some will feel achy, others tired. Some will even have memories of past injuries that have long been forgotten. It’s important to stay with these sensations and share them with Francisco (or your teacher). Take a look at a recent blog post that we wrote containing 4 Tips To Integrate Your Upgraded Practice.

Q: Why should I take a class with Francisco when I like how you teach?

ANSWER: Awwww, perhaps our most complimentary question. Yes, we’ve been very well trained by Francisco, yet no one delivers the method like the originator. Gifting yourself with a Francisco experience is like treating yourself to a mini-healing retreat. We suggest that if you invest in the program, that you try to take on a retreat-like mindset. Clear out your schedule, give yourself plenty of downtime, and get the most out of your experience with Francisco.

If you have any other questions or comments, please let us know. We’re already looking forward to spending more time with many of you during our special September events.