Wash Hands 1920x810 1 - COVID-19


In light of COVID-19 global outbreak, many of you have asked what Kaiut Yoga Boulder is doing to limit the potential spread of the virus.

KYB is adhering to the following:

  1. Cleaning schedule: We are so proud of our nest and are in a regular cleaning routine twice a day. Mats are sprayed down with a natural antiviral solution twice a day. Surfaces like door handles and switches are cleaned and disinfected.
  2. All Bolster linens are washed weekly and we are researching a natural antiviral spray to use daily. For a short time, we are supplying disposable towels that can be used over the bolster. We highly encourage you to bring a towel or pillowcase from home if you would like to cover your bolster
  3. Antiviral Hand Sanitizer: as you know, hand sanitizer is in short supply. We’ve found a source that we will carry at our schools. We highly recommend washing hands regularly, using the provided hand sanitizer, or bringing and using one from home.
  4. If you have a cough or need to sneeze we politely ask that you do so covering your mouth with your arm. If you suspect that you might be coming down with a cold or the flu, we ask that you stay at home to rest.

As a reminder, we believe the best defense against COVID or any other virus is to take good care of yourself. Sleep and eat well, decrease negative stress and practice Kaiut Yoga!

If you have not already done so, please read the CDC’s steps to prevent illness.