Francisco in Telluride

Catching up with Francisco Kaiut

Brazilian yoga teacher to begin teacher-training workshop Tuesday.

Many people consider Francisco Kaiut — founder of Kaiut Yoga International, based in Brazil’s Curitiba — a yoga master. Kaiut, however, prefers the word “teacher.” He’ll lead a weeklong teacher-training workshop at Kaiut Yoga Telluride, beginning Tuesday.

Kaiut yoga consists of subtle movements and prolonged positions. Unlike most yoga that stretches muscles in extraordinary ways, Kaiut yoga works from the joints.

“What I’ve noticed is that the soft tissue — muscle, fascia — responds to the stimulation in the joints more properly,” Kaiut said. “The joint allows you to reset soft tissue, and creates a shortcut between the body and the brain, enhancing what we call ‘the brain map’ a lot faster.”