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Can I Do Kaiut Yoga Even If Have a Physical Weakness?

By kaiutyoga.com
Toronto, Canada

We know that yoga brings mobility to joints, it relaxes the mind and strengthens the body.

It’s a powerful and efficient way to improve physical, mental and emotional health.

However, the thought of contortion can scare some potential yoga students away from this beneficial exercise, especially if they suffer from a physical weakness like chronic pain, arthritis or fatigue.

That is where the Kaiut Yoga Method comes in.

During our Kaiut Yoga practice we focus on working from within to achieve the external goals of better mobility, pain relief and overall improvement in health. There is no pressure on you to achieve the perfect stance, instead, we want you to focus on listening and responding to your body needs. The corrections given by our teachers are detailed and adjusted to the needs of the individual student.

What is incredible, most students start to feel the difference after just a few sessions.

How Kaiut Yoga Improves Physical Weakness

1. Kaiut Yoga is accessible to anyone.

Many yoga poses look tricky and intimidating to students, especially beginners or those with physical weakness or chronic pain. You don’t have to contort yourself into pretzel shapes to benefit from Kaiut yoga, though. The acts of movement, breathing and awareness can strengthen the person’s physical body, even if the you perform pose modifications from a chair or in bed.

2. Kaiut Yoga reduces stress and its physical manifestations.

Stress can increase cortisol levels, which causes inflammation and painful joints. Through yoga, you can experience a decrease in stress and thus experience less pain throughout their body, particularly in their joints.

3. Kaiut Method changes how you deal with pain.

Physical weakness can include chronic pain, fatigue and soreness. Yoga may not heal these challenges, but it can transform your body. It also builds mental stamina, which can improve the way you perceive and handle the pain they feel.

4. Kaiut Yoga improves flexibility and range of motion.

Stiffness and the inability to fully extend limbs or use your hands inhibits daily life. Regain flexibility, your range of motion and full functioning in almost every part of your body through yoga poses and regular yoga practice.

5. Yoga can be done with a partner.

Ideally, students will perform yoga postures alone and with hand on one on one assistance from the instructor and creator of the method Francisco Kaiut. However, they can use a partner to help them maintain balance or provide support. The act of using a partner can boost morale, keep you motivated and ensure you perform the poses accurately, which maximizes the healing effects.

Through Kaiut Yoga practice, students with physical weakness can gain strength and long term pain relief as well as increased mobility.

Is it me for you to try it for yourself?

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