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Asthma and Breath

As someone who grew up with asthma, I {Darvin} can attest to the importance of the breath. 

I was diagnosed with asthma at the age of 5, maybe 6. From that point on, I remember using inhalers or other types of medication, especially in the spring or fall. Big changes in temperature or allergic responses to hay and alfalfa. Which is obviously something of a challenge, growing up in or near the farms and fields of Kansas.

That feeling of not being able to breathe is incredibly scary and one that I know quite well.

Oftentimes, students will ask, “why don’t you emphasize the breath in Kaiut Yoga?”

I found this question covered very nicely in Francisco’s recent eBook regarding the breath. He dives into the mechanics of breathing, why we don’t attempt to control the breath in this method, and how you can get started breathing in a more harmonious way.

From my personal perspective and experience, I can confirm that the breath has a strong connection with the nervous system. The more I practice and work within the parasympathetic nervous system the more open and resilient my breath and pulmonary system has become.

For me in my youth, there seemed to be a connection between anxiety and an episode. At the time, an inhaler was the only tool I had. Unfortunately, the more I used the inhaler, the more I needed the inhaler. It was a disempowering feeling to be sure. Oftentimes, the more I used it the more the lungs became inflamed and I’d end up with bronchitis and an even worse regimen of drugs following that. It was an awful cycle and kind of a crapshoot as to how bad it could get.

It was not until my exploration with the Kaiut Method that I began to realize that I had a superpower inside myself during an asthmatic response (the regulation of my nervous system and parasympathetic mode). 

Now, I still experience asthma. It can get triggered due to environmental exposures or if life gets really demanding. However I have found that I am far less dependent on an inhaler. I use an inhaler as support only in extreme situations.

For those of you, like me, who have experienced the suffocating effects of something like asthma- this (my Kaiut practice) is a life saver and the most profound tool I’ve come across in my 65 plus years.

I encourage all of you- whether you have respiratory challenges or not- to open your eyes to Francisco’s unique perspective on how to experience breath. His approach is quite different and extremely effective. You can read more about his insight here.

It is quite empowering to realize we have the potential inside each one of us to influence our breath and health.

With love-

Darvin & the KYB team

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