About Kaiut Yoga

About Kaiut Yoga


At Kaiut Yoga Boulder/Longmont, we do yoga differently. Regardless of how you landed here, your story matters. Whether you have a diagnosis, a history of injuries or surgeries, or you’d like to go to the next level in improving your health and wellbeing, we can help.

Kaiut Yoga is:

  • highly customized to meet your unique needs

  • designed for tight body types, as well as people with more flexibility 

  • calming for the nervous system and helps to settle your mind

  • a practice that activates your body’s natural healing potential

  • empowering as you develop a deeper relationship and understanding of your body and mind

The Kaiut method is a biomechanical yoga practice designed by Francisco Kaiut – a Brazilian chiropractor. Born out of Francisco’s own necessity to work with pain as a result of a childhood injury, Kaiut Yoga is known to work well for people experiencing:

  • Chronic pain

  • Depression / anxiety

  • Injuries due to trauma

  • Autoimmune illnesses

  • Hormonal Issues

  • Migraines / headaches

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While most yoga styles focus on stretching the muscles, the Kaiut Yoga methodology centers on the joints. As we improve the joints, we are able to influence circulation, calm the nervous system and improve vitality over time.

Kaiut Yoga classes are for every body. Classes are curated for the seasoned yoga student and the beginner. We work with students of all ages, and abilities including those that are more stiff, over flexible, or have an illness/injury. We specialize in working with difficult situations where all else has failed. For more information  about this method, please visit our Resources Page and our Blog.

If you’re still wondering if Kaiut Yoga is the right practice for you, then come in and check out one of our classes.